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We tried Polish Snacks! | Universal Yums Subscription Box | Unboxing Review

Caden and I were looking for fun things we could do together on my channel, and trying new foods was at the top of our list. Universal Yums is a subscription box that sends you snacks from a new place every month. For our first box, we got Poland.

Let's break down what we got:

Paper Goods

The box came with a tiny booklet that talked about Poland, lists and descriptions of the snacks, nutrition facts, recipes, and games. Also included was a Universal Yums collectable sticker.

Cheese & Onion Pretzel Sticks

These Pretzel sticks tasted cheese & onion when touching your tongue. The after-taste was almost like licking a cardboard box. Don't get me wrong; this is perfect hangover food. Oddly I would go for this when I get the munchies. 5/10

E. Wedel Milk Chocolate with Peanut & Cocoa Filling

This chocolate bar was light, almost like a KitKat bar. It had a lovely peanut taste (peanut, not peanut butter). The crunch was satisfying. 9/10

Chocolate Covered Pierniczki Gingerbread

I wanted this to be so good. I was rooting for this. However, it ended up being a punch in the mouth of cinnamon and ginger. It's a damn shame the strength of the spices burnt my tongue. The gingerbread was fluffy, and the chocolate was the perfect crunch for it. 2/10

Cocoa Glazed Gingerbread Sticks

Pocky, move over. These are delicious— but still a bit powerful.

Coffee would pair nicely with the gingerbread sticks. 7/10

Ptasie Mleczko Dark Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Bar

I don't understand how Universal Yums claims this to be the #1 fan favorite. The marshmallow had a bizarre texture like it had been whipped and aerated. The chocolate crumbled into a mess. I know they could do better. I had Joyva chocolate-covered marshmallows during Passover when I was a kid. 5/10

Original Monster Munch Potato Crisps

Puffy chips that smile at you while you break their smile and send them to their digestive doom? Yes, please! These were our favorite. The chips were classic potato chip flavor. Because they were fluffy, they packed a satisfying crunch. What more could you want? 10/10

Polish Milk Fudge

If you have ever enjoyed fresh supermarket dulce de leche, Polish Milk Fudge is similar. Milk Fudge is something I could see sitting in the candy bowl in my living room, tempting me when I walk by. For that, I give her 9/10.

Jogusie Yogurt Candy

I don't understand how these were considered the weirdest candy on Universal Yum. I tried the lemon flavor, and it was delicious, like a lemon head candy but chewy. 7/10

Universal Yum Box: 8/10!

I had so much fun trying food with Caden. In fact we have two more boxes coming from Universal Yum. At around $17/month once taxes and fees were added, I believe the price to be fair for what you are receiving. They also have larger snack packs for those who want to really explore global snacks.

If you are interested in trying Universal Yums, use my referral link to save $5 off your first order!

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