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The Most Obscure Playlist Ever

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved to find new bands. I would go through thousands of artists. I remember plugging random words into Limewire and downloading whatever songs came up. Then there was Pandora music. Pandora was an exciting tool because it would take the artists and songs you listened to and match them to other similar artists and songs. It was a great way to find new music. Unfortunately, Pandora's algorithm got the best of it. It started recommending more mainstream artists and less of the smaller artists.

Sometime in 2015, I downloaded Spotify. Spotify had a similar radio feature to Pandora that found related songs and artists. They also made a Discover Weekly album tailored to the listener's taste. You could also search for keywords similar to what I did as a child. It wasn't until two years later that I started playing with those functions.

In 2017 I created a playlist on Spotify called "2017." Randomly surfing through Spotify's keyword search in hopes typing in random words related to things I enjoy would yield cool new bands. The playlist grew each week as I discovered new favorites.

On February 14th, 2022, the playlist currently sits at 940 songs (68 hours and 45 minutes of continuous play music). Each week I try to add three to seven new songs. Below is a link to the "2017" playlist.

Maybe you don't have time to go through three days worth of continuous play music; I have you covered. The "2022 Hand-Picked" album contains the crème de la crème. It features lesser-known artists like Clearlake, Duvchi, biblemami, STOMACH BOOK. Also mixed in are a few well-ish known artists like electronic artists M83 or TikTok sensation Addison Grace. Enjoy these eclectic playlists and hopefully add some new artists to your catalog.


2017 Playlist 2022 Hand-Picked Playlist


Widescreen by Clearlake

"So, do you ever feel you've been smoked right down to the filter?" Ooof! Those lyrics hit right in the gut! I can imagine walking the streets pictured on this album cover when listening to this song. Close your eyes and visualize your own film noir story.

Graveyard girl by M83

By now, you've probably heard their popular song Midnight City. I firmly believe Saturdays=Youth is the most solid album. There isn't a song on it that I don't listen to. I own this on both CD and Vinyl. The song Graveyard girl has a nostalgic feel. It reminds me of being fifteen and playing in the graveyards around Sanford, Florida. My partner and I would hang out in the cemetery and play in its nature. This album is highly underrated.

All for You by Vaeda

Everyone has a fight song, and this one is mine. Vaeda wrote some fantastic music in their six years active. Sadly the band only produced two albums total. This song is a gem.

Marvel by Soliloquists of Sound

My dear friend Curtis introduced me to the Orlando band Soliloquists of Sound. They have a perfect mix of electronic beats, rap, and raw hype. Stitched throughout the song are the angelic vocals of Alexandra Love, who makes the song complete. There are some good things about Florida.

Libra by Kat and the Hurricane

One evening I was scrolling through Wisconsin TikTok (as you do in the midwest) when I stumbled upon them. Kat and the Hurricane is a queer synth-pop band based in Madison, Wisconsin. I love their chill sound. They are definitely on my list of bands to see.

Sleep by Duvchi

I don't remember where I first heard Duvchi, but it was instant love. Turtleduvs was the first song I heard. With the World has such a great mix of chill pop hits, but Sleep gets stuck in my head often. Also, check out Duvchi's new album, This Kind of Ocean.

Pelicans We by Cosmo Sheldrake

Who isn't a sucker for a great vocal arrangement? From what I understand, this started as a poem and turned into a song.

Sugar Rush by Addison Grace

This song gets stuck in my head so easily. I know I should be showing you their latest tune, I Wanna Be a Boy, which is also worth checking out. Addison's song Sugar Rush has an infectious melody that will loop his voice in your head.

Folie à Deux by STOMACH BOOK

"I love the album art!" was the first thing I said about STOMACH BOOK "Each song is like a weird trippy version of emo music." I reached out to the artist and this is what they said, "I'm just a dumb girl from Indiana who makes evil circus music". She makes the music, art, lyrics and production herself.


For your listening pleasure, I have included a bonus Duvchi and biblemami track for you to enjoy. Do you know of any less popular bands? Comment below, and I will check them out. You may even see them added to the 2017 playlist!

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